Friday, March 21, 2008


For their special WMC issue, the Sun Post's new progressive weekly publication, "NIGHT WEEKLY" somehow got it into their heads that profiling me would be a good idea.

Those poor deluded bastards.......

Pick one up for free throughout Miami all this week.

"King of night life TV

It’s Friday night. Skip the $1,000
table and, instead, stay home and tune
into A3TV, America’s first night life and
style network.

The cutting-edge TV concept focuses on fashion, nightlife, clubs, photo shoots and progressive music, and has produced the hottest DJ interviews and performances, featured the sexiest models and created some of the funniest original sketches in quite some time.
Since the launch of A3TV in September 2003, the network has been broadcasted to millions of living rooms throughout South Florida, including Miami Beach, Hollywood, Stuart and West Palm Beach.
The master behind the magic of A3 is Boston-born Buster Cox, whose real name is Justin Altshuler. Buster’s charm, wit and sheer sex appeal have made him the toast of South Beach and a certifiable star who’s plugged viewers into some of South Florida’s most exclusive parties.
He’s interviewed everyone in the industry, but his favorite was with the legendary British DJ Paul Oakenfold. “I had preconceptions before I met him, but it turns out he’s a great guy,” Buster said. “I was always fascinated with how comfortable he is with people, how he makes you feel comfortable. I mean, he asked more questions
than I did.”
Still, on most evenings, this experienced broadcaster prefers to chill at
his South Beach flat. “You know, you can become jaded after 200 30-second conversations in a night that end up going nowhere,” he said. “I’m lucky that I’m not an industry guy. I’m comfortable at home watching the The Daily Show and Steven Colbert and playing Halo3. I guess I’m attempting to live up to a reputation of being the party guy when, in reality, I’m only out once or twice a week.
For music, fashion and party aficionados, A3TV is Must See TV.
Check it out at

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