Monday, December 31, 2007

How To Win Fake Friends And Influence Shallow People: TIP #1

Photo By Seth: Red Eye Productions

Sometimes its all about who you know, but if you really don't know anyone and no one really knows you, then here's a trick that helps.

The next time you go to a pre-party, mixer, cocktail party etc (not a club - too noisy) bring a friend with you. When you walk into the venue, have your friend go one direction while you go the other. While you individually walk through the crowd, ask as many people as you come in contact you "Hey, have you guys seen ________ from ________."

Most people will say "nope," some will give you a dirty look, even more will simply ignore you for not being important enough to garner thier full attention. For those who simply ask "WHO?" have a quick and consise reponse that peaks their interest:

"Wow, you dont know______ from ________? You have to meet him/her." (Have a look of mild surprise and add a quick line that teases their curiosity but walk away right after you mention it) "I haven't seen him since the I wonder what he looks like now."

Keep this up while walking though the crowd. Finally, rendevouz with your companion somewhere in the middle and as you finally greet eachother, make a big loud scene like you haven't seen them in years.

As you walk together through the party, go up to a few of the people you asked earlier and introduce them to your friend as well as yourself. If thy ask your friend about the "accident" simply have him/her be mysterious and say "I don't really like to go into it."

Try it and see!

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