Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tiesto Interview @ Winter Music Conference 2007

There are few dj/producers in the world who evoke the kind of passion that Tiesto does when brough up in conversation. Unless you are a die-hard "house head" most will immediatly bring up stories of where they were when they had their Tiesto "Moment." Originally from Holland, Tiesto's name is synonymous with massive walls of sound and music that takes you on a journey through peaks and valleys of energy culminating in massive explosions of energy. Spinning a mix of trance and "progressive house" Tiesto has always been a sucker for haunting vocals and etherial melodies. His tastes in venues have changed during the Winter Music Conference, and he has settled on a new tradition of playing one large venue (MANSION) and one smaller VIP style venue (The Setai Hotel) where he adjusts his music selections accordingly and plays with a little more of a "housey" feel as reflected in his famous summer series "In Search Of Sunrise."

He's come under fire in the last few years for what some consider "outrageous" fee's to spin, but in a world of consumerism, the market sets the prices and Tiesto fills up clubs from Miami to Tokyo to Cartegena.

Here we sit down with Tiesto, whose real name is Tijs Verwest just before the release of his "ELEMENTS OF LIFE" CD which has now been nominated for a Grammy Award.

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