Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Years Eve 07/08

Well another marathon night awaits us this New Years........

For professional clubbers like us, NYE usually becomes a night to get away from the usual venue anarchy or 300 door fees and over priced bottle service (more overpriced than usual).

Whereas VIPs from the New York will come down and party at the various high-end, poolside hotel events, and Floridians will get their tickets to the clubs, its a different story for the A3 crew. In the world of nightlife, there are two nights that are considered "amateur hour" by most professional partiers. These are the nights when the people who never go out deem themselves ready to throw down. These are the people who get ready at their friends apartments, downing shots before even getting to their destinations......all the while announcing to the world (or anyone in earshot) "look out world here we come!" These are also the same people we regularly get footage of outside of the club, doubled over a storm drain retching up what was dinner while their friends hold their hair back asking "why did we have those Slippery Nipple shots before coming here?!"

Amateurs.....plain and simple.

There is an art to clubbing, staying out late enough to experience it all, but balancing the mix of alcohol, smoke and your own sense of self satisfaction. And when it comes to New Years Eve....satisfaction must always be 100% guaranteed!

Thats why at A3 we always want to take our viewers into the parties they werent invited.....showing you exclusive events at multi million dollar estates or unique venues. This New Years will be no diferrent of course.....

A3 will be at 2 private mansion parties and Shy's annual "After Hours" party, a schedule that will bring us well into the first sunrise of 2008.

Keep a look out about a week or so after the big night for our annual NYE roundup including all the outrageous parties and beautiful people we encountered in the first few hours of 2008.

Happy new year!

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