Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Two-Time #1 DJ In The World Says The Top 100 List Is Really #2

Photos by Seth: Red Eye Productions

German trance god and self described "music geek" Paul Van Dyk responds to his matriculation from #1 to #4 on the influencial DJ MAG TOP 100 in a recent interview with .

PVD states: “With all the cheating and bullshit that went on this year, I don’t think it is an honour to be on top of that list. Because the question still is, ‘did the people who are in top of that list cheat or not?’ Because you don’t really know."

In this year's competition, severall DJ's were disqualafied from the poll for multiple votes from the same IP address. Most notably accused perhaps were West Coast spinners DJ Dan and Christopher Lawerence (PIC), whose shared marketing manager pulled some electronic trickery to boost his guys up on the list. The two were disqualafied, the marketing manager terminated immediatly and Dan and Chris were eventually exonnerated by magazines staffers.

Take a listen to the entire interview by clicking HERE

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