Wednesday, January 9, 2008

TROUBLE IN PARADISE: Ibiza bans After Hours Parties

According to DJ MAG, the government of Ibiza, a small island off the coast of Spain widely regarded as the club capitol of the world has banned clubs from being open between the hours of 6am and 10am.

This is a massive blow to a place widely accepted as epitomizing freedom and expression, and is also culturally important to the global movement of dance music as many artist site Ibiza as a place that inspires the creation of new and different music.

In Miami Beach, just after the turn of the Millennium, the city commission voted to ban after hours venues that called themselves "Juice Bars" along with outlawing 18+ venues as well. Shortly thereafter the city of Miami wanted to revive the dilapidated Park West district of Downtown Miami, and released a limited number of 24 hour liquor licenses and Miami's downtown "After Hours" culture was born. Now with development of high rise residences, that culture may in danger as well. Only time will tell, but it seems no matter where in the world you are...there always someone who wants to keep us from dancing.

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